18 Plate, Paint, Glass and Fabric Protection for your new car.




This blog is about why you should decide to choose MAX WAX to prepare and apply Paint Glass and Fabric Protection systems over the dealerships offering.

This blog is written by me, (the Managing director of MAX WAX) and this is my opinion, based upon knowledge gained through 15 years in the trade that I would like to share with you.

We recently looked after a customers new 18 Plate Audi RS3 with the work taking place at the dealership.

Audi RS3 Dealership

People take comfort in selecting a top car brand and assume the brands message of quality will automatically apply to the dealerships Paint, Glass and Fabric Protection offering.  Most people make a purchase without thinking about what goes into the process or considering the alternatives.


The customer was happy with our work and posted a 5 star Goolge review:

Reviews from Google: https://goo.gl/maps/LcsPabqPYrv


The customers own photographs he shared with us for this blog.

5 RS3 8 RS3

Before you commit to the Dealerships offering. 

The Technician

The most important person in this whole equation is the man or woman physically carrying out work to your brand-new vehicle.

Find out if their valeting team is in-house and employed directly by the dealership or if they use external subcontractors as a cheap solution for their valeting needs.

Does the external contactor pay their people on a piece rate for the work being carried out? Unfortunately, some dealerships task a subcontractor to prepare and apply up to 5 or 6 of these kits in one day.

Somehow many Paint Glass and Fabric Protection kits end up on eBay, the products route to this market is not an honest one! Is it any wonder that an underpaid, over worked operative might take a chance to make their money up by compromising quality, or not applying the invisible coatings that you have paid for?

A Paint Glass and Fabric Protection system being applied is only ever going to be as good as the care in preparation and application being carried out. If the worker is tasked to fail from the start, then you are not going to be getting what you paid for.

Quality of Workmanship
Check the correct preparation is being carried out, is the person preparing the vehicle using good quality preparation equipment, consumables and products for your brand new 18 plate vehicle?

Check the ability of the technician preparing and applying the protection, have they been properly trained and are they experienced?

Do they work as safely as possible to prevent scratching, putting swirl marks or “spider-webs” in the fresh, unprotected paint?

Does the salesman or valet manager know if a grit guard is used within the two-bucket wash method or what type of cleaning products they are using throughout the preparation stages?

Duration 5 Hours (minimum time for preparation and application)
All protectants need to bond directly to clean surfaces, free from defects and contaminants. If this is a brand new vehicle this preparation should take around 3 hours to prepare to the minimum standard.

The Paintwork
Blemishes in the paintwork should be removed, ensuring all surfaces are free from wax, silicone and grease, the protection will only bond to clean paint. This should include a gentle, yet detailed wash followed by tar and glue removal plus a light clay-barring to remove all contamination. Polishing by machine might be required for the removal of any imperfections in the paint.  All exterior surfaces need to be alcohol cleansed immediately before a paint sealant is applied.

The Exterior Plastics
Some protection systems include protection to exterior plastics, these are protected following proper decontamination and removal of any silicone gels that have been applied to allow effective protection.

The Glass
The glass needs any embedded contaminants to be removed so that polishing with an alcohol based glass polish will leave all glass crystal clear, then it can be protected externally.

The Interior
The interior should only require a thorough vacuum and wipe around, however, if the vehicle has been driven there might need to be some light shampooing which also would need to be dried prior to protection being applied.

The Wheels
Some protection systems include alloy wheel protection, to apply this correctly the wheels need to be removed to gain access.

The Application
The application to interior and exterior surfaces for most protection systems will take around 2 hours to apply with a degree of care. This is certainly not something that should ever be rushed.

The Price
Check how much you are being charged, unfortunately this can be hard work especially if leasing the vehicle when a dealership claims they are “throwing the protection in free of charge”. Whilst you wait in the showroom drinking their coffee, they come back to you with a deal which “gets you into the vehicle you want” that also “comes, inclusive of gap insurance and paint protection” and all within the monthly budget they somehow gleamed from you.

The Quality Control
Check the product has been applied, check the water beads up and rolls off the vehicles paint and glass. On the interior, spray some water onto the fabric seats or carpets, the water should not soak in, but bead up.

We have experienced so many of our own customers, who have paid good money at the dealership and have had no protection system applied at all!

The Facility
Take a look at the dealerships valeting facility, does it meet up to the plush perfection on display in the showroom?  The facility should be bright, clean and tidy with specific wet and dry areas. Is there a reason why the valeting bay at the dealership is hidden way out of the picture, along with the valeting staff and the work being carried out upon your new car?

Max Wax Valeting bay

We are open and honest; you get to see what we do!

Our vans, equipment, cleaning materials and detailing facility are spotless!

Our team are enthusiastic and knowledgeable about what they do and keen to provide you with advice. 

If you have already booked your paint protection with us, sit back and relax, we have already explained everything to you. You can watch our technician throughout the process through your window at home and ask questions about preparation, application and advice for ongoing care whilst he or she works on your driveway.  If the work is being carried out at MAX WAX HQ (our training and detailing facility) you already know your vehicle is in the capable safe hands of our experienced team.

Reviews from Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/pg/maxwaxvaleting/reviews/

Reviews from Google: https://goo.gl/maps/LcsPabqPYrv

If you have any questions at all about Paint Glass and Fabric Protection, please contact us for free advice on 01903 233449 or end us an email at info@max-wax.co.uk

Mr Tristan Green
Managing Director